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Projetos confinanciados pela UE:

SI Internacionalização 1971 | 42187 | SI Inovação 349 | SI Inovação 33472

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The Gonçalves , of Palaçoulo family has long been dedicated to the art of making barrels and others to store wine. Traditional workshop of his grandfather , the most modern workshop of his father , the family spent at the turn of the century and the millennium , for one unit served with the latest technology and international quality level checks.

Today, in Portugal , the factory J.M.Gonçalves in Palaçoulo not feel the pressure of competition and , internationally, now competes with the best market in a long time , led by France.

The company , JM Gonçalves - Cooperage Ltd. is a family business . Son Cooper, Jose Maria was an emigrant in France in the 60s . In this country worked in a large factory of barrels , which have learned the secrets of the art of making the best barrels in the world.

More than store wine , they lend some of its qualities to the product home winery is proud to present . ( ... ) "

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