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Projetos confinanciados pela UE:

SI Internacionalização 1971 | 42187 | SI Inovação 349 | SI Inovação 33472

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The art of the cooper began Gonçalves family for about 100 years ago with Abilio Goncalves ( Father of our Company ) that began in the manufacture of barrels for wine producers in the region of Tras -os- Montes in Portugal .

This art was followed by his son and our founder Jose Maria Gonçalves , who made handcrafted barrels for almost 20 years , since the late 1940s.

In the mid 60s he left Portugal to work on France 's most famous cooperages season .

But he was not satisfied . Had a dream : to bring his family, along with everything he had learned , dreamed and planned for Portugal and start your own business .

Then he started with a small workshop in his garage , working day and night with the help of their older children .

Finally in 2001 José Maria saw his dream come true by the hand of their 6 children . The small family business has evolved giving rise to a new and modern company , which does not forget its origins , preserving family traditions and the "know -how " acquired over many years of experience .

They honored the legacy of his father giving his name to the company: J.M. Gonçalves .

It was another chapter in a success story .






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