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SI Internacionalização 1971 | 42187 | SI Inovação 349 | SI Inovação 33472

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The Wood

Our experience, supported by the latest results of scientific research demonstrates that the quality of the wood goes through a rigorous selection of the geographical origin, botanical origin and type of grain. Only then is it possible to achieve a superior organoleptic characteristics (ie, characteristics that can be perceived by human senses: smell and taste) of great wines.

The Cooperage J. M. Gonçalves selects its own wooden trunk, which enables us to guarantee its origins.

All wood oak  J. M. Gonçalves comes from ecological forests and controlled slaughter.

The process of identification and traceability of Cooperage  J. M. Gonçalves  is certified by Bureau Veritas.

Based on the system, you can track the entire production process, following the entire route from the forest to the cellar in order to guarantee the origin of lots of certified oak and natural drying.




European oak

A selection of our wood begins in the beautiful forests of Allier (region of central France) and Voges (massif located in the Alsace-Lorraine region of France close to Germany), the best lots of oak (Quercus petraea or sessiliflora). This timber is characterized by a particular type of grain (ie, visible growth rings inside the trunk of a tree) thin. It is a privileged wood, delicate nature, and with a "boisé" very thin, which fully respects the fruit wine throughout their probationary period. 

However, this type of oak can also be found in other regions of Eastern Europe, particularly in Russia, Hungary and Romania.

American Oak

The American oak (Quercus alba), coming from Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Minnesota forests, is selected from the best lots of American white oak.

The American oak in our selection reveals a rich and complex aromatic character.

Grain - The Accuracy of Selectio

Different grains of wood used by J. M. Gonçalves.

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