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Cooperage J. M. Gonçalves strives for excellence in Quality and Safety in all its activities , objectifying the continuous satisfaction of its customers , employees , suppliers and managers . To achieve this an integral part of company policy :

Exceeding the expectations of internal and external customer in relation to the Quality and Safety of products and services ;
Compliance with the Rules , Regulations and Legal Requirements , as well as customer requirements applicable to the product;
Providing insurance products aimed at customer satisfaction and safety Consumer;
Rigorous selection of suppliers assume full traceability as a pillar of SGQSA implemented;
Promote and enhance internal and external communication with all stakeholders;
Promote well -being and ongoing human enhancement and professional employees ;
Encourage teamwork that values and leverages individual contributions ;
Continuous improvement of the organization through the Quality and Food Safety Management System in order to increase the effectiveness of management systems and the fulfillment of all objectives Clearcut;

Our willingness and attitude are summarized in the following principle :

“in vino veritas”


Currently J.M. Gonçalves is the most certified Cooperage worldwide through an Integrated Management System for Quality and Food Safety, which combines:
Product certification by BUREAU VERITAS - Origin of the wood 100% French oak, derived exclusively from controlled slaughter and ecological forests. Attestation drying time - Drying Natural minimum of 24 months

Quality Certification of the company, management processes and manufacture according to the reference ISO 9001:2008

Integrated Quality Management and Food Safety System according to the reference ISO 22000:2005. All products manufactured by JM Gonçalves, at all stages of production are only in contact with food products used and all processes follow the norm HACCP.

Commitment Management

The Management of cooperage J. M. Goncalves , undertakes to lead the activities necessary to design, implementation and maintenance of the Quality and Food Safety Management System cooperage J. M. Goncalves , taking the necessary decisions regarding compliance with key processes defined for the system .

The Quality Management System and Food Security based on the following principles:
Show that the Quality and Safety is supported by the commercial objectives of the organization ;
Ongoing communication of the importance of meeting customer requirements , statutory and regulatory requirements and the requirements defined in reference SGQSA ;
Definition and Review of the Quality and Safety policy;
Definition and implementation of the objectives of the Quality and Safety ;
Organization and a well-defined responsibilities ;
Processes and means to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of the Quality and Safety ;
Human resources to innovate in pursuit of continuous improvement ;
Conducting periodic review meetings .
The Management of cooperage J. M. Goncalves expects all , a maximum commitment and a total membership in the implementation , maintenance and improvement of the Quality and Food Safety Management System .
( In Manual of Food Quality and Safety )


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