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Projetos confinanciados pela UE:

SI Internacionalização 1971 | 42187 | SI Inovação 349 | SI Inovação 33472

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OAK Alternative : Chips-Vin



The Chips-Vin range consists of economical products that suit all types and qualities of wine.
Are produced in oak wood, high quality, similar to the origin of our barrels - in French or American oak - and undergo a process of natural drying, outdoors, between 24 and 36 months. The woods undergo a process of toast different intensities, according to the needs of each client.

The Chips-Vin range is available in the form of tannin, Small, Medium, Large and also Dominos. These products can be added directly to the fermentation vats or bags of infusion polyethylene 5/10kg for post-fermentation stage. This range has the main packaging laminated paper bags or aluminum, and secondary packaging such as a bag of infusion that can be inserted directly into wine.



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